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CMS School Calendar 2023-24 [Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools]

The CMS School Calendar OR Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Calendar is useful for students, parents, and teachers. It displays the first day of school and the last day of school. Moreover, the CMS schools calendar includes a schedule of working days, Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, and spring break.

We have other school calendars available on our website:

CMS School Calendar

The new session is beginning and the CMS school calendar 2023-24 is indispensable for students to know the first day of school and other schedules. Furthermore, the CMS School Calendar 23-24 is crucial for parents to know the school schedule to make prior planning for trips and tours. Teachers also plan class activities, assignment submissions, and exam schedules. Here we are providing you with the Charlotte Mecklenburg School Calendar.

CMS School Calendar 2023-2024

Although the calendar changes every year, it is a must for schools to organise the session’s important activities, events, and the beginning and end of the school session. The calendar plays a prominent role in organising all activities for a session along with holidays. It serves as a reminder to schools, and there is no chance of missing any activity or event. In addition, parents looking for the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools calendar 2023-24 should visit our website. Moreover, the details of the Charlotte Meck School calendar are official details that the school has given on the school website. Here we are providing the Charlotte Mecklenburg School Calendar 2023-24.

Date Day Holidays
Aug 28, 2023 Monday First Day of School
Sep 4, 2023 Monday Labor Day
Oct 9, 2023 Monday Teacher Workday
Nov 10, 2023 Friday Veterans Day
Nov 22-24, 2023 Wednesday-Friday Thanksgiving Break
Dec 22, 2023 – Jan 2, 2024 Friday-Monday Winter Break
Jan 15, 2024 Monday Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Feb 19-20, 2024 Monday-Tuesday Winter Break
Apr 1-5, 2024 Monday-Friday Spring Break
May 27, 2024 Monday Memorial Day
Jun 6, 2024 Thursday Last Day of School

Note: This calendar is based on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) calendar for the 2023-2024 academic year, and may not apply to other school districts or regions. Please consult your local school district’s calendar for specific information.

Additionally, students looking for the Port Charlotte High School calendar can also visit our site. The details are official and declared by the board of education. It is helpful for planning the whole academic session to achieve academic goals.

CMS Schools Calendar


The school calendar shows the first day of school, so there is no chance of missing the first day of school. It helps students manage their assignments and complete them on time. It tracks extra activities and leaves no chance to skip or miss them. Besides that, it is necessary for teachers to organise lesson plans, exams, and extra activities for the whole session.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Calendar 2023-24

Furthermore, students of Charlotte County Schools may check the Charlotte County Schools calendar here. We also have the Charlottesville City Schools calendar. Although it includes a holiday list, there could be changes to the holiday list. For updated information, you should visit the official sites of the schools, or you may contact the school directly. Here we are providing the Charlotte County school calendar.

CMS School Calendar


The Charlotte Country Day School calendar is also available here. Students studying here at this school may check on our site. A calendar does not only show dates but contains lots of information, which is really helpful for scheduling each day of the calendar. Besides that, it offers to improve the productivity of the users.

In our hectic lives, we don’t have much time to remember all the things in our heads. It’s too much brain work to multitask and organise everything in a systematic order. Without organising the work, it becomes difficult to achieve success. Thus, calendars play an important role in achieving academic goals. Visit our site to view the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools calendar and manage school activities, exams, and events easily.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Calendar 2023-2024

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools calendar is helpful for busy parents. In our hectic lives, it is not possible to remember everything. The school calendar displays the beginning day of school and if the child is going for the very first time to school. Parents can see the first-day date and prepare their children for the first day of school. They can help their kids achieve academic goals. We have the Charlotte County Public Schools calendar. All the information in the calendar is official and taken from the official website of the school. There could be updates during the holidays, so you may contact the school directly.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Calendar


The Charlotte Meck Schools calendar is crucial for teachers and school management to organise important dates, exams, and co-curricular activities of the school. There are so many activities in a school that can’t be organised without a calendar. A daily calendar leaves no chance to skip any single activity of the day.

It makes teachers prepare their lesson plans according to the school’s working days. There is no way to skip any assignments, projects, or events. You may look on our site for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Calendars. It helps to meet academic goals. Whether you are a student or a teacher, it plays a prominent role in achieving success in your life. It also brings discipline to students.

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