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Baltimore County Public Schools Calendar Holidays 2023-2024

Baltimore County Public Schools Calendar

Baltimore County Public Schools Calendar: Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) is a renowned educational institution located in Baltimore County, Maryland. With a rich history spanning several decades, BCPS has consistently provided high-quality education to its diverse student population. The school’s commitment to academic excellence, innovative teaching practices, and holistic development sets it apart as a leading institution in the region. With a dedicated faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a comprehensive curriculum, BCPS strives to prepare students for success in their academic pursuits and beyond.

Baltimore County Public Schools Calendar

Baltimore County Public Schools follows a well-structured academic calendar that encompasses key dates and events throughout the year. The calendar is designed to provide students with optimal learning opportunities while incorporating necessary breaks and holidays. The academic year typically begins in late August or early September, following a summer break. During this time, teachers engage in professional development days to prepare for the upcoming school year. The first day of school is eagerly awaited by students, staff, and parents alike, marking the official start of a new educational journey.

Months Dates Holidays/Breaks
August 23rd – 31st Summer Break Ends
September 1st – 4th Professional Development Days
5th Labor Day
6th First Day of School
October 11th Indigenous Peoples’ Day
November 24th – 26th Thanksgiving Break
December 22nd – 31st Winter Break
January 1st – 2nd Winter Break Continues
3rd Professional Development Day
16th Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 21st Presidents’ Day
April 4th – 8th Spring Break
May 30th Memorial Day
June 14th Last Day of School
15th – 17th Professional Development Days

baltimore county public schools calendar


As the year progresses, several holidays and breaks are observed. Students and staff enjoy a well-deserved break on Labor Day in early September, followed by Indigenous Peoples’ Day in October. One of the highlights of the fall semester is the Thanksgiving Break, providing an extended weekend for students and families to come together and express gratitude. In December, the winter break offers an opportunity for rest and rejuvenation, with students returning to school in early January. Check out other schools in Maryland:- Howard County Public Schools Calendar, Montgomery County Schools Calendar.

The second semester brings another round of holidays, including Martin Luther King Jr. Day in mid-January and Presidents’ Day in February. These holidays not only commemorate the contributions of great leaders but also provide students with the chance to reflect on their significance and foster a deeper understanding of history and civic responsibility.

Baltimore County Public Schools Calendar Holidays and Breaks

The Baltimore County Public Schools calendar includes several holidays and breaks throughout the academic year to provide students and staff with well-deserved opportunities for rest and relaxation. These breaks are strategically placed to optimize learning outcomes and create a healthy work-life balance for everyone involved in the educational process.

baltimore county public schools calendar


One of the significant breaks is the summer break, which typically spans from late June to late August. This extended break allows students to explore their interests. Engage in summer programs, or spend quality time with family and friends. It also offers an opportunity for teachers to attend professional development workshops. And enhance their instructional strategies, ensuring a more effective learning experience for students.

Throughout the school year, there are several other breaks and holidays to look forward to. Labor Day, observed in early September, provides a long weekend for students to unwind before diving into their studies. In October, Indigenous Peoples’ Day acknowledges and celebrates the rich cultures, histories, and contributions of Native American communities.

As winter approaches, the Thanksgiving Break offers students and staff a chance to come together, express gratitude, and enjoy quality time with loved ones. Following closely, the winter break in December provides an extended vacation, giving everyone a chance to recharge their energies for the second half of the academic year.

The spring semester brings its own set of breaks, starting with Martin Luther King Jr. Day in mid-January. This holiday serves as an important reminder of the Civil Rights Movement and encourages students to reflect on the ideals of equality and justice. Presidents’ Day in February commemorates the accomplishments and leadership of past presidents, inspiring students to learn from history and engage in civic participation.


How can I access the Baltimore County Public Schools calendar?

The Baltimore County Public Schools calendar is typically available on the official BCPS website. You can visit the website and navigate to the “Calendar” section to view the academic year’s schedule, including holidays and breaks.

Are there any additional days off for students throughout the school year?

In addition to holidays and breaks listed on the calendar, BCPS occasionally designates professional development days for teachers. On these days, students do not have regular classes, providing teachers with dedicated time for training and collaboration.

Are there any special events or activities during the school year?

Yes, Baltimore County Public Schools organizes various events and activities throughout the year. These may include parent-teacher conferences, school-wide assemblies, academic competitions, sports tournaments, musical performances, and more. The school community is often notified about such events through newsletters, announcements, and the school’s website.

How can I stay updated about any changes or updates to the school calendar?

It is essential to stay connected with the school community to receive timely updates about any changes or additions to the calendar. BCPS often communicates such information through email, automated phone calls, newsletters, and the official website. Additionally, you can reach out to your child’s teacher or the school’s administrative staff for any calendar-related queries.

Is it possible to request a copy of the school calendar in a printed format?

Yes, if you prefer a printed copy of the school calendar, you can contact the Baltimore County Public Schools administration office or your child’s school. They will assist you in obtaining a physical copy or provide alternative solutions to accommodate your needs.

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