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PG County Schools Calendar Holidays 2023-2024

pg county schools calendar

PG County Schools Calendar: Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) is a leading educational institution dedicated to providing quality education to the diverse student population in Prince George’s County, Maryland. With a rich history and a commitment to excellence, PGCPS offers comprehensive educational programs from pre-kindergarten through grade 12. The district is known for its innovative approach to education, fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment that empowers students to reach their full potential. PGCPS values academic achievement, cultural diversity, and community engagement, preparing students to become responsible global citizens and future leaders in a rapidly evolving world.

PG County Schools Calendar

The PGCPS Calendar meticulously designed to ensure optimal learning opportunities for students while incorporating necessary breaks and holidays throughout the academic year. The calendar generally follows a traditional school year schedule, typically starting in late August or early September and concluding in June. However, specific dates may vary each year. It provides a structured framework that balances instructional days, professional development for staff, and well-deserved breaks for students.

Months Dates Holidays/Breaks
August 23rd – 31st
September 1st – 4th Labor Day
October 21st – 24th Fall Break
November 22nd – 24th Thanksgiving Break
December 23rd – January 1st Winter Break
January 20th Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 17th Presidents’ Day
March 30th – April 5th Spring Break
May 31st Memorial Day
June 13th Last Day of School

PGCPS Calendar


The academic year begins with the excitement of a new school year in August or September, and students engage in comprehensive instruction across various subjects. As the fall season approaches, students look forward to a short break in October, allowing them to rejuvenate before continuing their studies. November brings the much-anticipated Thanksgiving break, providing students with the opportunity to spend quality time with their families and express gratitude.

Following the Thanksgiving break, students delve into their studies, focusing on academic growth and achievement. In December, students and staff enjoy a winter break, providing ample time to celebrate holidays and recharge for the new year. Check out other schools:- Baltimore City Schools Calendar, Montgomery County Schools Calendar.

PG County Schools Calendar Holidays and Breaks

The PG County Schools Calendar incorporates holidays and breaks that allow students and staff to rest, celebrate, and engage in other activities outside of the classroom. Throughout the academic year, students can look forward to several holidays and breaks that provide a well-deserved respite from their studies. These breaks foster a healthy work-life balance and contribute to the overall well-being of the school community.

pg county schools calendar


In addition to traditional holidays such as Labor Day and Presidents’ Day, students and staff in PG County Schools enjoy an extended winter break in December. This break encompasses the winter holidays, providing students and their families an opportunity to celebrate and enjoy festivities. The winter break typically starts in late December and extends into early January, giving everyone a chance to relax, recharge, and spend quality time with loved ones.

Another significant break in the PG County Schools Calendar is the spring break, usually scheduled in March or April. This break offers students a chance to take a breather after several months of rigorous academic work. It provides an excellent opportunity for travel, engaging in extracurricular activities, or simply taking some time off to relax and rejuvenate. The spring break allows students to return to school with renewed energy and focus, ready to tackle the remaining months of the academic year.


When does the academic year typically start in PG County Schools?

The academic year in PG County Schools typically starts in late August or early September, with specific dates varying each year.

Are there any breaks during the fall semester in PG County Schools?

Yes, students in PG County Schools enjoy a fall break, providing a short respite from their studies, usually in October.

When is the winter break in PG County Schools?

The winter break in PG County Schools typically starts in late December and extends into early January, encompassing the winter holidays.

Is there a spring break in PG County Schools?

Yes, PG County Schools schedule a spring break in March or April, offering students a chance to rest, travel, and engage in other activities.

When does the academic year end in PG County Schools?

The academic year in PG County Schools typically concludes in June, marking the beginning of the summer break for students and staff.

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