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Portland Public Schools Calendar Holidays 2023-2024

Portland Public Schools Calendar

Portland Public Schools Calendar: Portland Public Schools is a renowned educational institution dedicated to providing quality education and fostering holistic development in its students. Located in the vibrant city of Portland, this school is a beacon of academic excellence, embracing a diverse community and offering a supportive learning environment. With a team of highly skilled educators and staff, cutting-edge facilities, and a commitment to nurturing students’ talents and passions, Portland Public Schools stands as a leading institution empowering the next generation of thinkers, leaders, and innovators.

Portland Public Schools Calendar

Portland Public Schools operates on a carefully crafted academic calendar that optimizes learning opportunities while accommodating various essential events throughout the year. The calendar is meticulously planned to strike a balance between instructional days, holidays, and breaks to ensure students receive a comprehensive education. The school year typically starts in early September and runs through late June, divided into two semesters.

portland public schools calendar


Throughout the academic year, students engage in a diverse range of activities, including curricular and extracurricular events. The school calendar highlights significant dates, such as parent-teacher conferences, open houses, and community engagement initiatives. Regular school days incorporate a dynamic curriculum, encouraging interactive learning experiences to cater to students’ diverse learning styles and interests.

As an integral part of the calendar, Portland Public Schools emphasizes professional development days for teachers. These days allow educators to enhance their teaching methodologies, collaborate with peers, and stay updated with the latest educational trends, ultimately benefitting the students they teach.

The school also takes into account weather-related considerations, ensuring the safety and well-being of students and staff. In the event of inclement weather, the calendar incorporates built-in snow days, providing flexibility in case of unexpected disruptions to the school schedule. Check out other Schools in Oregon:- Beaverton School District Calendar.

Portland High School Calendar Holidays and Breaks

The Portland Public Schools calendar encompasses various holidays and breaks, creating a well-rounded academic year that balances learning and relaxation. Some of the prominent holidays observed during the school year include Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. These holidays offer students an opportunity to spend quality time with their families, rejuvenate, and celebrate cultural traditions.

Months Dates Holidays/Breaks
August 29th First Day of School
November 20th – 24th Thanksgiving Break
December 18th – 1st Jan Christmas Break
January 26th – 29th Mid Winter Break
March 25th – 29th Spring Break
April 5th – 8th April Break
June 11th Last Day of School
June 12th Summer Break

Additionally, the school calendar incorporates an exciting mid-winter break, usually occurring in February. This week-long break allows students and staff to unwind and enjoy recreational activities during the colder months. Another significant break is the spring break, typically taking place in March or April. The spring break offers students a chance to recharge before the final academic stretch leading up to summer vacation.

Portland Public Schools District Calendar


Throughout the academic year, Portland Public Schools also acknowledges federal holidays and other important observances, fostering an inclusive environment that recognizes and respects diverse cultural backgrounds. These include Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents’ Day, and Memorial Day, among others.

The academic calendar also includes occasional long weekends, providing students and staff with extended breaks to relax, engage in community events, or pursue personal interests. These breaks are strategically placed to ensure a well-balanced and fulfilling educational experience for all members of the school community.


1. Q: When does the school year start at Portland Public Schools for the academic year 2023-2024?

A: The school year for Portland Public Schools begins on August 29, 2023, which falls on a Tuesday.

2. Q: How long is the Thanksgiving Break for students in 2023?

A: The Thanksgiving Break for students at Portland Public Schools is from November 20th (Monday) to November 24th (Friday), encompassing a total of five days.

3. Q: What are the dates for the Christmas Break in 2023-2024?

A: The Christmas Break spans from December 18th (Monday) to January 1st (Monday), allowing students to enjoy a two-week holiday to celebrate Christmas and ring in the New Year.

4. Q: How many days is the Mid Winter Break during the 2023-2024 school year?

A: The Mid Winter Break extends from January 26th (Friday) to January 29th (Monday). Granting students a four-day weekend for winter recreation and relaxation.

5. Q: Are there any breaks during the spring months in 2024?

A: Yes, there are two breaks during the spring months in 2024. The Spring Break spans from March 25th (Monday) to March 29th (Friday), providing students with a five-day holiday. Additionally, there is an April Break from April 5th (Friday) to April 8th (Monday). Allowing students to enjoy an extended weekend in early April.

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