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Westfield Washington Schools Calendar Holidays 2023-2024

westfield washington schools calendar

Westfield Washington Schools Calendar: Westfield Washington Schools is a renowned educational institution committed to fostering academic excellence, personal growth, and a nurturing learning environment. Located in the vibrant community of Westfield, our school is dedicated to providing quality education and holistic development to students from diverse backgrounds. With a team of dedicated educators, state-of-the-art facilities, and a comprehensive curriculum, Westfield Washington Schools empowers students to explore their passions, discover their potential, and prepare for a successful future.

Westfield Washington Schools Calendar

Westfield Washington Schools follows a traditional academic calendar spanning from mid-August to early June. The school year begins with a summer break, providing students and faculty an opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate. Classes commence in mid-August, and the academic calendar incorporates various holidays and breaks to ensure a well-balanced learning experience. Fall Break takes place in October, allowing students a short respite to enjoy seasonal festivities. In November, the school observes Thanksgiving Break, providing a week-long pause for students and staff to celebrate the holiday with their loved ones.

Months Dates Holidays/Breaks
August 15th – 30th Summer Break
September 2nd Labor Day
October 8th – 11th Fall Break
November 22nd – 26th Thanksgiving Break
December 20th – 31st Winter Break
January 1st – 2nd Winter Break (contd.)
February 17th – 21st Mid-Winter Break
March 17th – 31st Spring Break
April 1st – 4th Spring Break (contd.)
May 25th Memorial Day
June 2nd – 5th Last Days of School

westfield washington schools calendar


As the year progresses, students look forward to Winter Break, which encompasses the latter part of December and the beginning of January. This extended break offers students the chance to enjoy the holiday season and recharge for the second half of the academic year. Mid-Winter Break, in February, provides a well-deserved breather during the winter months. Spring Break, usually scheduled in late March or early April, offers students a chance to relax, engage in extracurricular activities, or embark on family vacations.

In May, the school acknowledges Memorial Day, honoring those who have served the country. The academic year wraps up in early June, with the final days of school being a culmination of achievements and farewells as students prepare to advance to the next grade level or graduate. The Westfield Washington Schools calendar designed to optimize student learning while accommodating important holidays and breaks, fostering a healthy work-life balance for the entire school community. Check out other schools in Washington:- Bellevue School District Calendar, Hall County Schools Calendar.

Westfield Washington Schools Calendar Holidays and Breaks

Westfield Washington Schools incorporates a range of holidays and breaks into its academic calendar to ensure students have opportunities for rest, rejuvenation, and family time. During the school year, notable holidays and breaks include Labor Day in September, Fall Break in October, Thanksgiving Break in November, and Winter Break spanning late December and early January.

westfield washington schools calendar


In February, students enjoy a well-deserved Mid-Winter Break, providing a pause during the winter months. The highlight of the calendar is Spring Break, which typically takes place in late March or early April, giving students a chance to recharge before the final stretch of the academic year.

Additionally, the academic calendar also acknowledges Memorial Day in May, providing a day off to honor and remember those who have served in the armed forces. These holidays and breaks strategically placed to offer students and staff the necessary time for relaxation, celebration, and personal commitments. Westfield Washington Schools recognizes the importance of balancing academics with well-being and aims to create a conducive environment that supports the holistic development of its students.


How can I access the Westfield Washington Schools calendar?

The Westfield Washington Schools calendar is accessible through the school’s official website. And then you can find it under the “Calendar” or “Academics” section of the website.

Are there any additional breaks or holidays not listed on the calendar?

The calendar provided includes the major holidays and breaks observed by Westfield Washington Schools. However, there may occasional early dismissal days or professional development days that not included. For a comprehensive list, it’s best to refer to the official calendar or consult with the school administration.

Are there any make-up days scheduled in case of school closures due to inclement weather?

Yes, the Westfield Washington Schools calendar typically includes designated make-up days to account for any school closures caused by inclement weather. These make-up days usually scheduled toward the end of the school year.

Can students take vacations during scheduled school breaks?

Yes, scheduled school breaks, such as Fall Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break, provide an excellent opportunity for students and their families to plan vacations. However, it’s always recommended to inform the school in advance and ensure students make up any missed coursework or assignments.

Do the dates for holidays and breaks remain the same every year?

While the major holidays and breaks generally follow a similar pattern each year, it’s essential to consult the most recent Westfield Washington Schools calendar for precise dates. Occasionally, minor adjustments may made to the calendar to accommodate specific circumstances or align with other educational requirements.

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