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Oldham County Schools Calendar & Holidays 2023-2024 [OCS]

Oldham County Schools Calendar: Located in the heart of Oldham County, the Oldham County Schools (OCS) an esteemed educational institution dedicated to nurturing young minds and fostering a love for learning. With a rich history dating back to several decades, OCS renowned for its commitment to academic excellence, comprehensive extracurricular programs, and a supportive learning environment.

As a leading school district, OCS prides itself on its highly qualified faculty and staff, who strive to provide a well-rounded education that prepares students for a successful future. Embracing innovation and tradition alike, Oldham County Schools continue to a cornerstone of the community, empowering students to become compassionate, critical thinkers, and responsible global citizens.

Oldham County Schools Calendar

The Oldham County School District Calendar is meticulously crafted to provide students, parents, and faculty with a well-structured and efficient academic year. Spanning across several months, the calendar is thoughtfully designed to strike a balance between instructional days, breaks, and holidays. Each academic year typically commences in late August, welcoming students back to an exciting and enriching learning journey. Throughout the year, the school incorporates professional development days for teachers, ensuring they stay abreast of the latest educational practices and approaches.

oldham county schools calendar


To optimize learning opportunities, the calendar includes parent-teacher conference days, encouraging open communication between educators and families to track student progress collaboratively. Additionally, students can look forward to a series of seasonal breaks, including a refreshing winter break around December, a rejuvenating spring break, and shorter holidays sprinkled strategically throughout the year. Furthermore, in the spirit of fostering a holistic educational experience, OCS incorporates cultural observances, field trips, and engaging events that promote creativity and social development.

In collaboration with the local community, the Oldham County Schools Calendar also accommodates opportunities for civic engagement, community service, and extra-curricular activities. By balancing academics with personal growth, the calendar cultivates well-rounded individuals equipped to excel in an ever-changing world. Other schools in Kentucky:- Philadelphia School District Calendar, Portland Public Schools Calendar, St Lucie County School Calendar.

Oldham County School District Calendar Holidays and Breaks

The Oldham County Schools Calendar Holidays and Breaks carefully scheduled to provide students and staff with well-deserved rest and opportunities for personal enrichment. The academic year typically includes major holidays such as Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day, allowing students and faculty to observe these significant occasions with their families and loved ones.

Months Dates Holidays/Breaks
August 29th – 31st Teacher Professional Development Days
September 6th Labor Day
November 24th – 26th Thanksgiving Break
December 20th – 31st Winter Break
January 17th Martin Luther King Jr. Day
April 3rd – 7th Spring Break
May 25th Last Day of School

The winter break, usually starting a few days before Christmas and extending into the New Year, offers a chance for rejuvenation during the colder months. This period enables students to enjoy festive celebrations, spend quality time with family, and return to school with renewed energy for the second half of the academic year.

Oldham County School District Calendar


In the spring, students eagerly anticipate their week-long spring break, which often falls in March or April. This break serves as an ideal time for travel, leisure activities, and self-reflection, providing a refreshing pause before the final academic push.

Throughout the year, the Oldham County Schools Academic Calendar thoughtfully incorporates short breaks, such as long weekends, enabling students and educators to recharge without interrupting the overall flow of the curriculum. These strategic breaks also offer opportunities for school-sponsored events, extracurricular activities, and community involvement.

By thoughtfully interspersing holidays and breaks within the academic calendar, OCS aims to strike a balance between rigorous academics and fostering a healthy work-life-student balance, contributing to the overall well-being and success of the school community.


How can I access the Oldham County Schools Calendar?

Answer: The Oldham County High School Calendar is readily accessible on the official school website. It can found under the “Academics” or “Calendar” section. Additionally, printed copies of the calendar usually distributed to students and parents at the beginning of each academic year.

Are there any changes or updates to the calendar throughout the year?

Answer: While the Oldham County Schools Calendar is carefully planned in advance, certain unforeseen circumstances may necessitate adjustments. It is advisable to periodically check the school website for any updates or changes to the calendar. Families will also receive notifications through email or other communication channels for any significant calendar revisions.

Are there any special events or observances included in the calendar?

Answer: Yes, the Oldham County School Calendar Ky incorporates various cultural observances, special events, and educational activities that promote diversity and inclusivity. These events designed to enrich the students’ learning experiences and foster a greater understanding of different cultures and traditions.

Can students use their break time for school-related activities or projects?

Answer: While breaks primarily intended for rest and relaxation, some students may choose to participate in school-sponsored extracurricular activities or projects during this time. However, it is essential to strike a healthy balance between personal time and school commitments to avoid burnout.

How can parents stay informed about important calendar dates and school events?

Answer: OCS keeps parents informed through various channels, including the school’s website, emails, newsletters, and automated phone calls. Parents encouraged to regularly check these platforms to stay up-to-date with essential calendar dates, upcoming events, and any school-related announcements.

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